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Taylor Swift drops two new songs on Spotify Singles

Taylor Swift has continued her now-friendly relationship with Spotify with two new recordings for Spotify Singles. Swift buried the hatchet with the streaming service recently, releasing her music video for "Delicate" only on Spotify, and now she has recorded an a cappella version of the same song in addition to an acoustic cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's "September." 

Spotify Singles, launched in 2016, is a weekly playlist that features two new songs from each highlighted artist. Most artists record one original song and one cover. Swift recorded both of her songs in Nashville.

The singer says she picked September for sentimental reasons, and of her original song, she said, "'Delicate' is a song about the vulnerability that immediately surfaces in all of us the minute we meet someone we want to like us. We think about everything they might've heard about us, every reason they wouldn't want us. Every step forward toward that other person scares us, but it thrills us too. 'Delicate' is about the balancing act of the rush and the fear, and hoping it's really worth it to take that chance." 

Recently, Spotify CEO Daniel Dek told "CBS This Morning" of ending the company's feud with Swift, who pulled her catalog of songs from the service in 2014 (it was reinstated last summer), "I went to Nashville many, many times to talk to her team, spend more time directly explaining the model, why streaming mattered. And the great news is I think she saw how streaming was growing. I think she saw that fans were asking for it. So eventually when the new album came out, she came to Stockholm and spent some time with our team there figuring out a way that made sense for her."

You can listen to Swift's new songs here.

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