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Taran Killam blasted for calling rural Americans “stupid”

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Taran Killam learned the hard way that this Election Day was not the time to insult Americans who don’t live in cities or suburbs.

As results for the presidential election were coming in Tuesday night, Killam took to Twitter to express a simple idea: “Rural = so stupid.”

Not surprisingly, reactions to the remark came quickly -- and those replying were not pleased. 

Killam quickly tried to clear things up with another tweet, but the non-apology left a lot to be desired. “Sorry, sorry, sorry. Certainly a flippant comment made in jest,” wrote. “Allow me to be sincerely clear. Vote 4 Trump = I think you’re stupid.”

That remark only seemed to anger Twitter users further. Finally, on Wednesday morning, Killam offered a sincere apology: 

“In the light of day, I’m embarrassed for making thoughtless and mean statements,” he wrote Wednesday morning. “I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

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