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"Tall tale" helps police discover fake IDs in Pa.

"Tall tale" helps police discover fake IDs in Pa.
AP Photo, file

(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON, Pa. - Police in one southwest Pennsylvania city say a tall tale of sorts has led them to discover an online service that is selling fake IDs to dozens of young people.

Washington, Pa. police Officer Johnathan Miller says police were alerted Saturday night when several young people tried to buy beer and other alcoholic beverages from a beer distributor on Saturday.

The tipoff was a fake Pennsylvania driver's license that said one of the purchasers was 54-feet tall instead of 5-feet, 4-inches tall.

Only off by 48-feet, 8 inches!

The Observer-Reporter newspaper says as many as 60 young people may have bought the fake IDs online, which even include holographs and other security features found on state drivers' licenses.

Charges are pending against those caught with the IDs, which cost about $200 each--but can be had for closer to $100 each if purchased in bulk.

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