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Taliban 'Commander' Makes Statement in Farsi In New Propaganda Video

(Neda Al Jihad Center )
An Afghan Taliban "commander" identified as Mulavi Abdel Basset appeared masked in a new propaganda video that is the third of series entitled "Incite Muslims To Perform Jihad."

The 42-minute video opens with an animation of seven flags that are engulfed by the flames before they get replaced by an Islamic flag. The flags on the video belong to France, Spain, the U.S., the U.N., Australia, Israel and Denmark.

The masked man appeared with four armed guards surrounding him as he made his statement entitled "All in the Face of a Single Sword" in Farsi. The video was produced by Neda Al Jihad Center and circulated on militant Islamist websites by Al Fajr Media, which promised an Arabic translation soon.

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