Are trendy takeout plans healthier than home cooking?

Home-cooked meals have long been the preferred method to prepare a healthy dish, but a new kind of takeout could prove more nutritious.

Registered dietitian Samantha Heller said subscription meal delivery may be healthier.

"You actually may be getting healthier food choices by doing that and in addition you may be trying foods you've never tried before," Heller said Monday on "CBS This Morning."

Companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are among the services that deliver prepared meals or ready-to-cook, pre-measured ingredients.

Convenience is part of the allure, but the downsides may be dealbreakers for some.

Limited options and an $8 to $15 price range per meal could keep grocery shopping a norm among Americans.

"And you have to order at least two and there's delivery fees and tips and that kind of thing, so the downside of things is really the expense," Heller said.

However families get their food, Heller said planning is key.

"Planning ahead, whether you're using meal delivery or if you're going to the grocery at home, is not only going to help you have healthier foods at home, keep your refrigerator stocked, it's going to get your fanny out the door and get you some exercise as well," she said.