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Synchronize Outlook Between Computers on Your Network

I have two PCs -- a laptop and a desktop -- and since I don't have Exchange running in my home office, it's a logistical nightmare keeping my computers in sync. I have different email on each PC depending upon whichever one I most recently used to check mail, and I am forever "inviting" my other computer to meetings just so my calendar is up to date on both. Finally, there's a smart and easy way to keep two computers perfectly in sync.

Code Two Outlook Sync mirrors any or all of the data in Outlook between two PCs on the same network. The program is completely configurable; you can sync all of your mail, your address book, calendar, and notes, for example, and synchronize data automatically or only when you manually choose to do so. This video shows you how it all works:

The free version of Outlook Sync gets the basics done with calendar and contact synchronization, though you can pay $59 for the full edition, which gives you access to complete data mirroring. The program is easy to configure and is a great way to keep two PCs in sync -- whether it's for two computers you use, you and your administrative assistant, or any other team member of your choice.

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