Sync Smartphone Call Logs to Outlook's Journal with SmartJournal

Last Updated Oct 24, 2007 9:00 AM EDT

smartjournal.jpgRemember CallsToJournal, that handy little utility that syncs the call log from your Windows Mobile smartphone to your Outlook Journal? Turn out there's a freeware alternative: SmartJournal. Every time you sync your phone, the software copies phone numbers, contact names, and other call details (including the time, duration, etc.) from your phone's log to the Journal -- a genuinely ideal way to keep records, schedule follow-ups, and so on. Of course, you won't get any support like you would from the commercial product, but it's hard to beat the price.

Oh, and for you Palm Centro/Treo users, there's Call Log+, which accomplishes much the same thing (and provides a much more sophisticated call log on the device itself). It's not a freebie, but it sells for a reasonable $19.95. [via]

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