"Survivor: Blood vs. Water": Water over blood

Ciera Eastin, Hayden Moss and Laura Morett at Tribal Council during the 10th episode of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water," Nov. 20, 2013. 

It was bound to happen on a season called “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” Someone has finally voted out her own blood.

It was Ciera, who joined the majority to send her mother, Laura M., to Redemption Island during Wednesday night’s episode. She’s the first person on the season to do so, and they were the last pair of loved ones still both in the game.  

First, there was a Redemption Island duel to get to. Aras, Vytas and Tina had to use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags, then navigate a ball through a table maze. Tina started with a big lead after collecting all her bags quickly, but she made a mistake near the end of the maze and Vytas took the win. However, she was able to recover in time to finish before Aras, who was then eliminated and becomes the first member of the “Survivor” jury.

For the first time in what feels like forever, the clue to the hidden immunity idol does not get torched. Vytas gives it to Katie, who doesn’t throw it into the fire. The clue leads Katie to the correct spot, but she doesn’t know Tyson already has it in his possession.

Tyson, meanwhile, devises a plan where the four guys vote for Laura without telling Ciera, sparing her from having to vote out her mother. But, little do they know, Ciera already had a talk with Laura in which she explains that she doesn’t think it’s possible both of them can make it to the final three and that Laura should be the one to go.

For the Immunity Challenge, competitors had to lean on a platform holding a rope for as long as possible. The guys fall out first, and Monica goes on to score her second Immunity victory. As a reward, she wins a feast of hamburgers and hot dogs, which she opts to share with the rest of the tribe.

Ahead of tribal council, Ciera gets Katie to admit she doesn’t have the hidden immunity idol – by lying and saying she’s the one who has it. She then goes to her group and suggests they vote out Katie, but everyone decides to stick with the original plan and Laura is off to Redemption Island for a second time.

Tell us: Were you surprised by Ciera’s strategy?