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Surviving The Office Party

'Tis the season to be jolly - but not too jolly, if you're at the office holiday party. Here's advice from Ilene Rosenzweig, deputy editor of the Sunday Style section of The New York Times and co-author of Swell: A Girl's Guide to the Good Life.

DO have a drink
DON'T switch liquors midstream

Be yourself at the party. To be phony is never good. You want to be able to drink enough to be fun with everybody. But, as on all occasions, you want to make sure you eat something so you're straight enough to lead a conga line.

DO talk to your boss
DON'T ask for a raise

The bottom line is: The beauty of an office party and the magic of it is, it's a great equalizer. At an office, you're maybe fifth in the pecking order. But at a party, you're as good as your dance moves or your jokes.

DO ask the cute one to dance
DON'T drag the cute one under mistletoe

Men always will respond well to someone who pays attention to them in a positive way. If you're both standing on the edge of the dance floor and everyone's dancing, there is no shame in asking if he wants to dance. If worse comes to worse, he says no, but he knows you don't hate him.

DO eat pigs in a blanket
DON'T put in pocket for later

Some people stress out about eating in front of other people, especially when there are buffets and hors d'oeuvres floating around. Just eat and enjoy yourself.

DO take off your jacket
DON'T take off your shoes

Relax, but remember it's not a fraternity party! You still need to work with these people, come Monday.

DO wear sparkles (women)
DON'T show too much skin

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You shouldn't look like you're going to a business meeting. But that doesn't mean you should be heaving cleavage. If you want something sparkly or shiny, something a little more daring, you could wear something like a leather skirt and a cute camisole top, but nothing see-through, transparent or revealing. For men, it wouldn't hurt to wear a fun necktie.

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