Surprising jobs you can do from home

Lots of people want the flexibility of a work-at-home job. In fact, one survey showed that people would be willing to give up a lot in order to telecommute. That includes:
  • Daily showers (12 percent)
  • Social media (34 percent)
  • Texting (30 percent)
  • Chocolate (29 percent)
  • Smartphone (25 percent)
  • Shopping (20 percent)
  • A salary increase (17 percent)
  • Half of vacation days (15 percent)
But what kind of work can you find that can be done from home? It's not all telemarketing or envelope-stuffing these days. The people at FlexJobs put together a list of well-paid jobs that you can do from home. 

Business Consultant 

Description: Business consultants offer their expertise to companies in areas such as workflow management, business processes, operations analysis, professional services, IT, marketing and many other areas.

Average pay: $89,500

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, full-time, part-time, freelance

Tax Accountant 

Description: Tax accountants complete taxes and related paperwork for individuals and organizations, assist with audits and and offer tax advice. They might also assist with bookkeeping, financial reporting and payroll.

Average pay: $89,300

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time, full-time, short-term, seasonal

Senior Project Management 

Description: Senior project managers are hired to manage a range of business activities, create and execute project plans, and handle related tasks such as monitoring budgets, assembling management teams and building client relationships.

Average Pay: $85,000

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, alternative schedules, freelance, short-term

Speech Pathologist 

Description: Speech pathologists provide speech therapy and treatment to patients and their families.

Average pay: $32 per hour

Typical types of flexibility: Part-time, full-time, freelance, telecommuting

Part-Time Executive Director 

Description: "C suite"-level executive positions are sometimes available with part-time schedules, especially at nonprofit organizations. These roles include short- and long-term strategy development, partnership development, overseeing operations and providing leadership.

Average pay: $40 to $42 an hour

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, flexible schedule, freelance

Regional Sales Manager

Description: These salespeople are assigned to cover a specific geographic region and are responsible for assisting existing clients and adding new ones, meeting quotas, and increasing sales of whatever product or service their company provides.

Average pay: $80,300

Typical types of flexibility: Full-time, telecommuting


Description: Actuaries work in a variety of fields to quantify and analyze the financial impact and implications of decisions made by companies and organizations, helping to model strategy and implement solutions.

Average pay: $94,600

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, full-time


Description: Largely dependent on the type of organization they work for, flexible jobs for attorneys or lawyers require assisting with high-level litigation projects, representing and advising clients, and performing document reviews.

Average pay: $92,400

Typical types of flexibility: Freelance, telecommuting, alternative schedule, full-time, part-time, flexible schedule

Computer Systems Engineer 

Description: Systems engineering jobs exist across the computer and IT sectors, including software, security, testing, network, quality assurance, cloud solutions and development.

Average pay: $87,000

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, full-time, temporary, freelance, alternative schedule

Account Manager

Description: Account manager roles are available in a wide variety of industries, but most share responsibilities such as maintaining current client accounts, upgrading services and troubleshooting issues.

Average pay: $98,500

Typical types of flexibility: Telecommuting, freelance, full-time