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Supermodel Molly Sims reveals top beauty, fashion secrets

Molly Sims wasn't born this way, she says.

The model/actress insists she's worked hard to stay fit, fashionable and -- we'll just say it -- flawless.

"I had acne," Sims said. "I was 20 pounds over my standing weight...I felt too tall."

Sims had to learn about the best clothes to wear for her body type and the key makeup to use. And at 41, she's still learning. Just ask her about applying false eyelashes.

"The Everyday Supermodel" Dey Street Books

The former Sports Illustrated supermodel poured all of her beauty and wellness knowledge into a new book centered on makeup tips, fashion advice and overall life lessons.

Called "The Everyday Supermodel," Sims' new book finds her dishing out those hard-earned beauty secrets.

Are you taking notes ladies?

For makeup, don't rely on just one color foundation. Make sure you have two options (a light and a dark) and blend them, she said.

You've probably heard it before, but a reminder couldn't hurt: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Especially over the chilly months -- and once you get older. Toss the powder blush, too, as you age and go for a cream instead, Sims added.

And hair mousse didn't go away after the '80s and '90s. Sims, for one, is big fan. "Don't be afraid of product," she said.

Remember to invest in fashion staples, too, like a great pair of boots, nice pair of jeans and a jacket. When jumping on trends, don't shell out a lot of money. And if you're opting for a less expensive piece, Sims said women should consider buying a size or two bigger.

In general, she advised, "Find what you look good in and stick to that."

As for diet, Sims warned not to drink your calories. Even those fruit smoothies that appear healthy can add up.

Sims revealed she had to lose quite a bit of weight following the birth of her first child, Brooks, in 2012.

"If you have to lose a lot of weight, start only with five," she said. "Every time, it's five. Don't start with 10, 20, 30...I had to lose 80 pounds after my last pregnancy and that's how I did it."

Now she and her husband, Scott Stuber, are expecting a second child together. Sims, who's eight months pregnant, is pregnant with a baby girl.

"I love being a mother. But I've also had a great career. I've done everything I want to do. And I still want to do more...knock on wood," she said. "I'm very content where I am at 40, but I also think that's because I started later in life."

"There were difficulties because I started later," she continued. "I got married later. I had children later. But I'm really happy."

The Kentucky native tries to follow her own advice: "Go big or go home." She also advised, "If you have an idea, tell someone. And tell someone else." Then see that idea through.

The other thing she does? Takes chances. "I am so afraid of change," she admitted, but says the best things really do come with change.

Looking ahead, the former "Las Vegas" star may have some more change coming her way. She just shot a pilot for a daytime talk show and says she would consider doing a another scripted TV series.

"I think my work has to fit in with where my life takes me," she said, adding, "So there's some really interesting opportunities."

"It's hard work," she said. "I hate to say it, but I bust my ass."