Sumo Paint: A Free Photoshop Alternative That Runs in Your Browser

Last Updated Oct 19, 2010 1:55 PM EDT

This is the second in an occasional series on Web apps that can take the place of pricey (or even free) desktop software.
Last time I checked, Adobe Photoshop -- still the gold standard in image-editing software -- was selling for $699.

Sumo Paint costs nothing. It runs entirely in your Web browser and provides a dazzling assortment of drawing and editing tools -- everything you're likely to need to design a logo, tweak a photo, create custom artwork for a presentation, or the like.

Seriously, you have to see Sumo Paint to believe such a sophisticated tool could live in your browser. (Credit for its gorgeous interface and robust feature set goes to the Adobe AIR platform on which it was built.) Features range from numerous 3D filters to Clone stamps to blur and smudge tools.

In other words, if you can accomplish it in Photoshop, there's a strong chance you can accomplish it in Sumo Paint as well. The service even provides online storage for your work (though nowhere could I find information on how much).

There's a Pro option (about $30) that includes an offline version of Sumo Paint, but I think most users will be more than satisfied with the free version. It's really quite amazing.

Why use this over an image editor like GIMP or Paint.NET? Simple: those have to be installed. Sumo Paint doesn't.

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