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Summer streaming lists beat out summer reading lists

The hours people have spent flipping the pages on a summer reading list is now more often spent streaming video -- mostly from Netflix or YouTube, not cable -- and streaming some more.

According to a new survey of men and women who stream, nine in 10 people say they and their friends are binge-watching their favorite shows or series this summer. And more than 60 percent said they are streaming on devices during the times and in the places they were reading in the past, everywhere from inside the house to the porch, yard and beach. In fact, one in three beach-goers are streaming their shows on the shore.

Fully two-thirds of the 800 adults who responded to the survey about their summer relaxation entertainment conducted by research group Miner & Co. Studio agreed with the statement, "Because I've been streaming shows/series, I'm reading fewer books than previous summers/vacations."

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Fifty-nine percent also said they are spending less overall time out in the sun because they're streaming.

Streaming is becoming more of a social connector, according to the survey. Sixty-five percent of people said they are actually spending more time with friends and family because they are watching together and three-quarters are talking more together about the shows or series they're watching than they do about books. Parents of children under 18 say there are fewer arguments between kids or between kids and parents because they can stream their favorite shows.

All this binge watching is also keeping people up later to finish their shows and reducing the amount of group time spent on board games and outdoors, according to the survey.

But most people -- 86 percent -- said they regret nothing about their choice to stream. Almost half have already added more streaming-ready devices to their vacation spots and 40 percent plan to add more in the future.

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