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Streaming HBO and the uncertain future of cable

There are reports that HBO will launch its online streaming service for $15 a month
HBO's new online streaming service reportedly launching next month 02:00

HBO has been working on a streaming service that could be coming as soon as next month.

The service is rumored to be called HBO Now and might cost $15 for a monthly subscription. Customers will not need a cable or satellite hookup to watch shows on HBO Now. They'll just need a subscription and a good Internet connection.

The launch will follow on the heels of Dish Network's release of its $20 a month subscription service, Sling TV. Sony's ramping up to start a streaming service called PlayStation Vue. Showtime is also looking to enter market, and CBS News recently launched an online streaming news channel, CBSN.

HBO Now will likely be released as an app on Apple TV.

The move could put cable providers on edge, as HBO is a major draw for many cable customers. It might indeed be considered another nail in cable's coffin as viewers continue to cut the cord and get more of their TV online. And with smart TVs and boxes like Apple TV and Roku, which play Web content on your television set, increasingly abundant, watching online feels more like the old fashioned TV experience. As long as you have fast enough Internet, that is.

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