Substitute teacher fired over allegations of affair with student via Twitter

A recent high school graduate posted photos on Twitter that suggests he had a sexual relationship with his substitute teacher. As a result of the allegations, the woman is now fired from her job.

The young man, who has since graduated from Cosby High School, began posting teasers to his followers on Tuesday, saying that he had a "treat" for students at Cosby, WTVR reports. After claiming to be drunk at around 9:15 p.m., the former student began posting nude photos and sexually suggestive text message allegedly from his former substitute teacher.

It's not clear why the man began posting the photos or alleged text messages publically on Twitter, but the tone of his tweets suggest that he may have had a falling out with the woman.

"Just so it's not misunderstood, I did this because she deserved it, not to gain followers or have people congratulate me," he tweeted.

The former student's followers widely praised him for allegedly winning over his substitute teacher. One Twitter user congratulated him for "successfully fulfilling every guys [sic] high school fantasy."

WTVR reports that the school district confirmed the substitute teacher was fired immediately after allegations were made. But, she has not yet been charged with a crime.

"The morning of October 12, 2012, Chesterfield Schools was made aware of an allegation made by a recent graduate regarding a substitute teacher," Shawn Smith, spokesman for Chesterfield Schools told WTVR. "Chesterfield Police were immediately contacted."

"An immediate school investigation was conducted and the substitute teacher is no longer employed as of the end of that very same day," said Smith.

Of course, as WTVR points out, there are still questions as to how old Foster was at the time of the alleged affair, and if the substitute teacher will take legal action against the former student for slander.

The young man repeated told reporters via Twitter that he did not want to comment on the allegations.