Stuff Australians Like

I love surfing websites like StuffWhitePeopleLike to get a pulse on current trends and shifts in thinking. Here is a tongue-in-cheek Top Ten of Stuff Australians Like.
  1. Football --- Aussie Rules football of course (it even inspired the name of this BNET blogspace!)
  2. Football --- Rugby League or Rugby Union (depending on where you went to school)
  3. Football (please don't call it "Soccer") --- Particularly if David Beckham visits downunder with LA Galaxy
  4. Travelling --- Particularly if you are a good footballer you can play for other countries
  5. Travelling --- A right of passage to travel around Europe/Asia before settling down in a career
  6. Travelling around Australia in a caravan/RV
  7. Beer, beer, more beer, and the occasional glass of "card-on-ay" (Chardonnay that comes in a box)
  8. Coffee --- make mine a decaf grande latte, full strength, double shot, extra hot milk, shaken but not stirred
  9. Three Fs â€" family, fools and friends (also the prime source for start-up capital)
  10. Top 10 lists, filling out surveys and responding to blog questions.
Ok, so my approach is not scientific! I'm open to suggestions --

What have I missed?

What is a must inclusion in the Top Ten?