Study: Self-Centered Bosses Hurt Productivity

Last Updated Aug 10, 2009 11:57 AM EDT

A new survey by the Florida State University College of Business sought to figure out the levels of narcissism amongst American bosses. Around a quarter of the 1200 respondents claimed their immediate supervisors are "self-centered" jerks that "brag to others in order to get praise." And 20 percent said their bosses will "do a favor only if guaranteed one in return."

Ryan Sager, a blogger who deserves credit for finding this report, is surprised that the majority of workers don't think their bosses are narcissistic. Nevertheless, for those employees that do toil under an egomaniac, the impact is significant.

According to the researchers, employees working under self-centered bosses reportedly:

  • Had lower levels of job satisfaction
  • Saw their stress levels increase over the previous year
  • Were less appreciative of their work and organization
  • Had lower levels of effort and performance
  • Were more prone to sadness and frustration at work
Since American work culture seems to celebrate and reward the go-getters, where is the line between managers that are self-confident and those that are simply self-centered? Join the discussion below.
  • Stefan Deeran

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