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Strategies Emerge in the Network TV Upfront, But No Movement Yet

While this week began with virtually no movement in the upfront, it is ending with evidence that movement might happen soon, as strategies for both advertisers, the networks, and some alternative advertising platforms are are emerging. Here's a recap of the chatter in the marketplace this week: Rounding up those headlines shows just how peculiar this upfront is. As a rather big skeptic of the upfront marketplace, and the broadcast networks continuing ability to be the go-to place for advertisers even as their ratings decline, it looks to me as though the chickens are coming home to roost, as they arguably should have years ago. Not that I'm expecting the chickens to move that fast. While on the one hand, I can certainly understand the networks' need to hold out for as long as possible to get something close to the pricing they wish for, on the other hand, there's an obvious narrative thread presented above -- that the longer the nets wait to firm up pricing, the more time advertisers have to seek out alternatives, and it looks like they are finally starting to take those alternatives seriously.

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