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Steven Chu Promotes Energy Policy Via Facebook, YouTube, Daily Show Appearance

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is flexing his social networking muscles by launching a Facebook account that besides offering some personal tidbits, promises to gives "fans" an inside look at the Obama administration's energy policy.

The Facebook launch is the latest in a flurry of Chu cheerleading that is clearly aimed at ramping up support and momentum for energy and climate change legislation currently making its way through the Senate.

The Facebook page will be updated regularly as well as highlight new research and information about how to save energy and reduce utility bills, according to a DOE press release.

The Facebook account comes one week after Chu launched an official Department of Energy Youtube channel that so far has four videos including why he joined the Obama administration, the future of biofuels and one billed "The Climate Challenge and What's at Stake." Chu also has started a Flickr site.

Chu is scheduled to be a guest Tuesday on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, an appearance where he is expected to discuss the White House's energy policy.

This burst of social networking activity by Chu provides a glimpse of what we'll likely see in the coming weeks -- from supporters and critics alike -- as climate change legislation moves through the Senate.

And as Keith Johnson over at WSJ's Environmental Capital blognotes, these efforts are crucial for a White House fearful that climate change will play second fiddle to the fight over health care will

Chu still has at least one more social networking avenue to pursue over at Twitter. No word yet from the folks over at the DOE whether we'll soon see Chu's tweets on energy policy.

Image by Flicker user Center for American Progress Action Fund, CC 2.0