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Stepping Onto The Scene

Writing your first blog post somewhere always feels like a big deal. How do I begin? It's like making your grand entrance on your own red carpet or to a big meeting. Do you stomp in and make your presence known, be fashionably late (I guess I can't do that on my own blog), or just play it super cool and casual? I could also begin it the way I used to start my public speeches in high school, with a quote. In this case, one of my favorites would be: "Spend less time being interesting, and more time being interested in people and the world."

That actually happens to be completely relevant to what this blog, "On the Scene," is all about (Don't you love segues?).

Over the years, I've covered everything from entertainment, lifestyle, technology, travel, real estate, web culture, philanthropy and the list goes on… I've blogged and shot videos with every tool - from beta to HD cameras, cell phones to flipcams - all trying to connect and bring you access to the people, ideas and scenes that are exciting, fun, inspiring and shifting culture.

Now, I'm so excited to have "On The Scene" as the home for all those things.

So what better way to introduce this blog post than with the help of my new co-worker (ahem colleague), the amazing Katie Couric, who I've looked up to as a broadcaster my entire life. I caught up with her - or you can say caught her off guard - when I bumped into her recently at the launch of the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Cities of Service I Participate campaign in Times Square earlier this month.

More adventures to come, so bookmark this snazzy page and check back as frequently as possible. By the way, being interested isn't a one-sided conversation. I want to hear from you, so leave a comment or catch me on twitter: @shiralazar
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