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Stephen Colbert performs as Mick Jagger on Howard Stern's show

Stephen Colbert is a man of many talents.

We already knew he was a feminist, a great friend, a rousing politician-wannabe and a sensitive man. Now we can add Mick Jagger impersonator to that growing list.

Stephen Colbert shaves face to prepare for "Late Show" debut

Colbert, who is gearing up for his new gig as "Late Show" host, revealed on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday that he used to be in a Rolling Stones cover band.

The band's name was Shot in the Dark, but Colbert said more often he and his friends called it "S*** in the Dark" because of the group's lackluster talent. Naturally, Colbert led the team as Jagger.

He said his band's signature song was "Brown Sugar," and performed it, completely with fancy footwork in Stern's studio.

Stern said Colbert's impromptu performance was "fantastic," but we're not so sure how he really felt -- he cut Colbert pretty short, saying he'd "had enough."

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