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Stephen Colbert says "Late Show" will celebrate women

Comedian and incoming "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert wants to make his show a safe space for women.

In an essay he wrote for Glamour, Colbert said he's going to do his best to make sure his show celebrates women.

"These days TV would have you believe that being a woman means sensually eating yogurt, looking for ways to feel confident on heavy days, and hunting for houses," he said. "But I'm going to make a show that truly respects women, because I know that there's more than one way to be one."

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As he usually does, Colbert straddled the line between satire and sincerity, saying he relates to women because he has "soft hips" and a "muffin top for days," but he also talked about important issues like gender equality in the workplace -- while still throwing in that classic Colbert tongue-in-cheek humor.

He wrote, "Even when women do succeed, their stories often aren't told ... My point is this: Why does this gender inequality still persist, and how can we stop it? I don't have all the answers. And frankly, it's sexist of you to think I do just because I'm a man. C'mon!"

Colbert, who also decried "mansplaining" in his essay, said until they are in charge, he will "continue to fight for women."

And don't worry that he doesn't mean what he says -- Colbert signed off on his essay with this: "Whoever you are, I promise: I'm going to lean in on this. It really accentuates my muffin top."

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