Starting The Engines...

CBS News begins a weeklong series, "Eye on the Road," that examines the gas price crisis across America in a series of reports filed from the ground –- and the gas pump -– for The Early Show and the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric beginning Monday, May 12.

Two CBS News correspondents, Nancy Cordes and Jeff Glor, will begin their road trips nearly 3,000 thousand miles apart: Glor will leave from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Cordes from outside The Early Show studio in New York City. As they travel across the country toward each other, they will report from towns and cities on a wide range of gas crisis stories beyond just rising costs. Think: possible solutions, including hybrid information and challenges for "super-commuters" in big cities. Viewers will get a first-hand look at a nationwide consumer crisis, as Cordes and Glor visit everywhere from emerging "bio-towns" in Indiana to RV parks in Nevada.

The series will also look at the ancillary effects of the gas crisis -– from the change in the average American family budget to the crisis' impact on social services programs struggling to keep costs down in order to stay in business. Even non-profits such as "Meals on Wheels" are spending more to drive less food to people in great need.

Throughout the week, this page will be your source for all of Cordes' and Glor's "Eye On The Road" reports –- including blogs, vlogs and, of course, their groundbreaking pieces for The Early Show and the CBS Evening News.

Also, check back to track their movements via live GPS, and view interactive maps detailing their fuel costs, as well as current state-by-state gas prices.