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Start Your Favorite Programs and Files With Jump Lists

Jump lists -- those cool shortcut lists that you can access with the right mouse button in the taskbar -- are one of my favorite improvements in Windows 7. As many, many people have pointed out, though, Windows 7 jump lists have a serious shortcoming: You can't make a general-purpose jump lists that contains multiple programs. Nor can you make a jump list that combines programs, files, and folders.

There have been a few attempts to remedy this problem with third party programs, and I've found a really nice one that seems to address all the issues people have with the way jump lists work in Windows 7.

Jumplist-Launcher adds a new icon to the taskbar and lets you create a jump list with as many as 60 programs, files, and folders, divided into logical groups that you specify.

It's easy to configure -- the program comes with its own interface for designing jump lists and adding items, or you can just drag and drop stuff to the jump list itself. Check out the program in action:

The program is free, and works quite nicely. In fact, I think it might take the place of my former favorite jump list enhancer, 7Stacks. [via cybernetnews]

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