Spring Has Sprung In New York

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Some people say it's the forsythia bloom. Others say no, it's the crocuses or most definitely the daffodils.

When does spring come?

In New York, you really know it's spring when the pear trees begin to flower. The pears are everywhere — especially on side streets. In certain neighborhoods there are so many flowering pear trees on both sides of the street that the gentle white blossoms create a magical canopy. In Central Park, the tulip trees are already putting on a show, and the crabs and the cherries are soon to follow.

New York is a walking city, and as I walked my way home the other day I was feeling sorry for all you commuters whose trip home is from a parking lot to a garage. There's a riot of color exploding around you that's hard to drink in at 65 miles an hour.

All these visual clues help rewind our internal clocks, reset us for the season to come. The days are getting longer, the sun hangs higher in the sky. Winter, thank goodness, is over.

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By Harry Smith