Spotify gets President Obama's official 2012 campaign playlist

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Obama for America "Campaign 2012 Playlist"

(CBS) - Spotify got a major endorsement from President Barack Obama today. Obama for America announced the official 2012 campaign playlist is available on the popular music streaming service.

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The playlist has 28 tracks with an eclectic mix of artist, including Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, and, of course, Al Green.

It seems like Obama for America is doing everything under the sun to keep President Obama's reputation as the first Internet President. In the last year, the President has joined Google+, Instagramand Tumblr. It was actually on the social blogging site Tumblr that the campaign announced the Spotify playlist.

During his 2008 presidential campaign candidate Obama built a movement by using sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Many dubbed him as the first Internet President because of his savvy use of websites and social media.

Spotify launched in the U.S. in 2011 and was received with great fanfare. Its easy user interface and extensive music library solidified its popularity in the music streaming space.

To subscribe to the Obama for America 2012 campaign playlist, click on the link to launch Spotify.