President Barack Obama joins Instagram


(CBS) - President Barack Obama joined the popular photo sharing app Instagram Tuesday, keeping up with his reputation as the first Internet President.

Instagram's popularity exploded in 2011 and became the Apple's app of the year.

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Available on the iPhone, the app lets you upload photos from your camera or photo library and apply retro filters or a tilt-shift effect and share them with the public. It's sort of like a Twitter for photos.

The account is run by the Obama 2012 staff. They encourage users to share photos from the campaign trail by using the hashtag #Obama2012.

So far, the account has posted three photos and gained 18,186 followers.

Obama gained a reputation as the first Internet President in 2008 because of his large following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Keeping with the trend in 2011, the President held aTwitter town halland joined Google+.

If you want to follow the President, search for his user name, barackobama, on Instagram.