Speed Up Your Slow, Buggy PC

There are two kinds of computer users out there: People who like to tinker with their PC as if it were a classic car in the garage, and folks who don't want to mess with anything -- they think it should just work without fiddling.

Most people fall into that second camp, which is why all those utilities designed to clean up and speed up your PC have such a limited audience. I'm jazzed, though, because I just found a utility that can significantly improve your PC experience -- and it's designed for ordinary people who don't usually mess around with these sorts of programs.

Soluto is designed to speed up your PC's startup. When you boot your computer, it analyses all the programs and processes that kick off, and then it makes plain English recommendations about what to do about it. It breaks your startup routine into three categories:

  • No brainers -- Programs you should turn off or delay to speed up your boot sequence
  • Potentially removable -- Stuff you can probably ditch from startup
  • Required -- Essential Windows tasks you can't fiddle with.
Not only does Soluto report exactly how long your startup takes (you might not realize that Windows continues to startup long after the desktop appears, slowing everything you do to a crawl for several minutes), but the contribution each startup program makes to the timeline. It's all presented in a snappy, easy-to-read set of visuals. And Soluto makes it easy to disable or delay all of these programs with just a couple of clicks.

That's not all Soluto does. Always available from the notification area of the taskbar, you can alert Soluto if something crashes or goes awry while using your PC, and the program will tell you what happened and try to help you find a solution through a crowd-sourced approach to cataloging PC issues. Check out the video for more info.