Speed Up Slow Internet Connections

If time is money, then your Internet connection is like a spigot that shoots nickels into the trash can. Speed up your connection, and you're literally saving money through increased productivity. Rainbow Skill has some tips on improving your Internet performance, which is especially useful on mobile connections.

A few of the highlights:

  • The browser matters. Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer, and enabling Adblocker will save you precious time as well.
  • Don't email full size photos. Use a tool like Microsoft's Image Resizer, since digital images can be many megabytes more than the recipient needs.
  • Disable automatic updates. Let me point out that in general, disabling automatic software updates -- like Microsoft's Windows Updates -- is a horrifically bad idea. But if you're trying to get online work done on a very slow wireless connection, then you might want to temporarily disable it, as long as you make a habit of turning it back on later.
Photo by Nrbelex