'Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle!'

Patty Duke in a scene from the 1967 feature film "Valley of the Dolls" released on DVD June 13, 2006.
20th Century Fox
The Showbuzz's Judy Faber wrote this review.

After years of begging and pleading from lovers of high camp everywhere, 20th Century Fox has finally relented and released a special-edition DVD of the over-the-top 1960s cult classic "Valley Of The Dolls."

Nothing tops the trashy plot, glorious overacting, cringe-worthy script and fabulous fashion that make "Valley of The Dolls" such a delicious so-bad-it's-good treat. With documentaries, featurettes, trivia subtitles and even karaoke, this DVD is not just a movie, it's an experience!

The 1967 film stars Oscar winner Patty Duke, "Peyton Place" star Barbara Parkins, and the ill-fated Sharon Tate in a story about three young women who come to Hollywood to make it big but fall prey to addiction and tragedy.

Based on the Jacqueline Susann novel, the film was intended to be serious, but the direction was so heavy-handed that it ends up being unintentionally funny.

Critics hated it, but audiences loved the film anyway.

"Valley of the Dolls" has developed a devoted following of fans who love Duke's scenery-chewing performance as rising star Neely O'Hara and the very quotable, yet horribly bad script.

The two-DVD set comes packaged in a very 1960s shade of hot pink not possibly found in nature. Extras include:

  • audio commentary by Parkins and E!'s Ted Casablanca (who took his nom de plume from a character in the film);
  • Pill Pop-Up trivia option;
  • Three different documentaries featuring rare footage;
  • A featurette about Jacqueline Susann;
  • footage of original screen tests for the film; and
  • Pill Pop-Up Karaoke that features a bouncing capsule to guide the singer through the lyrics.

    This is the perfect DVD to watch with friends over cocktails and fondue (caftans and go-go boots optional, wigs mandatory).
    By Judy Faber