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Amazon Prime Day glitch sold thousands of dollars worth of camera gear for just $94.48

Amazon Prime members a new U.S. majority
Amazon Prime members a new U.S. majority 01:09

On Amazon Prime Day, some customers ran into a glitch that prevented them from loading items into their carts. Others experienced a much more advantageous glitch. Several customers said they bought thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment for a mere $94.48. "Literally everything is 94.48. I have bought like 10k worth of stuff that was like 900 dollars total," one customer commented on a deal website.

Fellow customers thanked their Prime Day Robin Hood for the tip and started searching for similar deals. Many reported back in the comments section with good news: everything was $94.48.

One customer tipped others off in the comments section, then it was off to the races. Several people ordered expensive camera equipment for under $100. Amazon

A Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera, originally $548.00, was listed at $94.48 during Prime Day, one customer shared on Slickdeals.

A Canon 5D Mark IV, originally $2,799.00, was also listed at precisely $94.48 during Prime Day, another customer shared on reddit. Surely, these price drops were a mistake — and surely customers didn't care.

"Everything with the prime day tag on my account is 94.48. I just bought a 3000$ telescope for 94.48," one customer commented.

"Bunch of camera gears including above $2000 are priced at < $100. Definitely price error and will be cancelled for sure," another wrote.

One customer shared a screenshot of their cart on reddit. A nearly $3,000 camera was purchased for just $94.48 on Prime Day. a_girl_has_n0name on reddit

While these lucky customers shared their success stories in the comments section, others felt like they were missing something. "Can't get $94. Logged in. Checked all colors in cart. What am I doing wrong?" one person asked when they didn't see a similar discount.

It appears the glitch only happened for some people. This isn't the only Prime Day mishap that occurred on the retail giant's "Black Friday in the Summer." Some customers said they couldn't load items into their online cart — every time they tried, it failed.

Ever the fierce competitor, eBay jumped on that glitch and said after the Prime Day difficulties, they were going to unlock their own "Crash Sale."

This is the second year in a row Amazon experienced technical difficulties during Prime Day. Last year, the site crashed for some U.S. customers, and this year, people were placing bets on whether or not it would happen again. While the odds were against an outage, there were still a few technical hiccups — some more lucrative than others. 

CBS News reached out to Amazon for comment and is awaiting response.

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