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Some companies turn tables on customers, rate them

Companies are turning the tables, now rating their customers as a tool
More companies flip the script, rate their customers 02:07

These days, consumers have many resources when it comes making smart choices. Choosing the best dish at a restaurant, the cleanest resort, or even the most efficient personal trainer doesn't have to be a gamble. Sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor give prospective customers access to thousands of reviews, photos, and ratings from people all over the world for an endless variety of companies and services. Often, these reviews can make or break a business, and customers can't get enough.

But, what would happen if companies turned this around and started rating the customers?

It's already starting to happen. Companies like Uber are allowing their drivers to rate each passenger, which creates a score you are unable to see. If you have a bad run-in with a driver, you may find that it becomes difficult to find any cars to pick you up. Airbnb is implementing a similar system, potentially creating serious consequences for customers.

If more companies pick up on the trend, eventually it could result in a rating system similar to a credit score. With a bad customer score, it could become difficult to even receive a response from a huge variety of companies, anything from dinner reservations to household services.

But, as Dan Ackerman from CNET points out, eBay was in the business of customer ratings years ago but stopped after seeing it was just making people angry.

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