Socialist Organization Plans to Remake America's Business and Social Structure


Worried about your business, your job, your retirement, the survival of capitalism? You should be.

As if the economic crisis isn't enough, now there's a socialist organization aiming to capitalize on the chaos and remake America's business and social structure. Think I'm kidding? Think it couldn't happen here? Think again.

It's called The Intelligent Community, or ICI (not to be confused with Intelligent Community Forum, or ICF), and it offers a solution to our financial and energy woes.

ICI's tag line is "people organized to create a smart world." As evidence that our current world isn't very smart, ICI points to the following:

  • Large national debt
  • Fragile financial system necessitating frequent bailouts
  • Unreliable energy prices and dependence on foreign oil
  • Numerous enemies created by unjustified war
  • Over 50 million Americans without health insurance
  • A lack of high-paying jobs and outsourcing of the few that remain
According to ICI's extensive website content (pdf alert), media outreach material, and a new book on its way, an Intelligent Community consists of three core aspects to solve society's woes:
  • An Education Division (The School For The Intelligent Community), interlinked with
  • A Communication Division (The Intelligent Community website), to be interlinked with
  • An Action Division (The Business Incubation and Facilitation Division).
In terms of their timeline, here's how it all works:
  1. Create a website that links the community
  2. Incubate, foster and promote social entrepreneurial companies with more than a profit motive
  3. Help make these businesses more efficient, enabling them to replace their less socially aware brethren
  4. Create The School For The Intelligent Community to indoctrinate folks into the initiative
  5. Interlink the School and the corporations into a vast network of socially-aware corporations
  6. Encourage citizens to use the website to purchase products and services exclusively from those businesses that are part of the initiative
In addition, ICI has an Energy Initiative (pdf alert) that includes a number of extraordinary and not-so extraordinary conservation measures:
  • Neighborhood collective ownership of electric cars
  • Neighborhood job scheduling and carpooling
  • Shared neighborhood shopping and food purchasing
  • Move to electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles
  • Use of electric blankets and space heaters instead of central heat
  • The modification of business dress codes for efficient heating and cooling
Perhaps most revealing and disconcerting is what ICI calls the re-architecture of society, including pedestrian cities, new urbanism, and green developments that mandate a maximum of 400 square feet of living space per person.

Finally, ICI plans to expand beyond the U.S. to other countries, assuming all goes well here.

So, how do you feel about capitalism, including your business, being replaced by this new world order? Think it can't happen? It's happened before, and the most opportune time is during a time of crisis.

(Banner courtesy of The Intelligent Community)