Social Media: Not Everyone Wants to be Connected

Last Updated Sep 12, 2008 2:45 PM EDT

facebook2.JPGSocial media may be all the rage, but it's got some hiring managers and potential hires all, er, twitterpated.

For example, one reader of a recent post by Toni Bowers in our sister pub, TechRepublic, got a message from a hiring manager after an interview. In it, the hiring manager requested to be the prospect's "friend" on Facebook. Writes the reader:

"To be honest, my face is in no book, I have no space, I'm neither linked in, nor linked out. I just don't have any interest in social networking. But this person will be making a decision as to whether or not my resume should be forwarded to a hiring manager. Help!!"
Bowers responds: "Well, that's fairly awkward! Is it a test on the part of the recruiter to weed out the less "linked in" for purposes of the job being filled? Or is it a way for her to keep track of the candidates she's talked to-- ?

What do you think? Is this a professional way to go about hiring people? Or is it just one of the inevitable outcomes of 24/7 access to social media tech that we'll all have to get used to? And what should the poor Luddite do?

(Image by avlxys via Flickr, CC 2.0)