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SoCal Gals Road-tripping For Change In 'Obama-wagon'

This story was written by Nicholas Brennan, Washington Square News

DENVER - Five-hundred and twenty perfectly aligned 'Barack Obama for President' stickers cover the outside of a 1990 Volvo stationwagon parked on the Civic Center lawn in the middle of Denver.

Just behind the car stands the Colorado state capitol building. Dozens of riot police stand guard in front of its steps.

Samantha Woods, 24, and her sister, Annie, 20, however, sit on the grass next to the car laughing. They've driven from southern California in this car - with no air conditioning they hastily add - hoping to get Barack Obama to sign the steering wheel. They are having a great time.

"It's all about grassroots and we're just going across the country trying to spread the message of change," Samantha said. "You don't have to come from money to make a difference and we're trying to show that."

The sisters, who have no affiliation with the campaign, make gas money by selling Obama-stenciled t-shirts they make out of the back of their car.

"It took me two days to do the whole car," Samantha, a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, said. Her sister, a former student at the New York Film Academy, is making a documentary on the experience.

The sisters plan on driving across the country, though they are not exactly sure where they'll end up after Denver.

They might go to the Republican National Convention next week, but Samantha said she fears it might get too negative.

"People definitely have a tendency to stare, especially when we were driving through Nevada and Arizona," she said. "We got yelled at by a trucker yesterday."

More likely they will drive through swing states across the country, she said.

"Our thing is grassroots," Samantha said, while her sister spray-painted Obama's name onto a white shirt on the ground. "It's all about getting young people involved."

In the meantime they keep a silver sharpie ready, waiting for Obama's signature.

The sisters keep a blog on their experience