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Winter storm sweeps through South and Northeast with crippling amounts of snow

Deadly winter storm sweeps across East Coast
Deadly winter storm sweeps across East Coast 02:30

A major winter storm dumped crippling amounts of snow from Asheville, North Carolina, to Buffalo, New York, leaving tens of thousands without power. 

Across the Northeast on Monday, some areas saw up to 2 inches of snowfall per hour, making it nearly impossible for road crews to keep up. The storm pounded Interstate 90 in western Pennsylvania with a triple punch of heavy snow, strong winds and freezing rain. Utility crews had to help each other on the slippery roads.

Buffalo was hit with more than 16 inches of snow — the most seen on this date in 64 years. In Rochester, two residents said they had been trying to dig out their vehicle for nearly two hours.

"It has a lot more ice than just like fluffy snow," one of them said.

But the roads weren't the only problem. On Monday, more than 1,600 domestic flights were canceled, stranding frustrated passengers trying to get home.

"I'm hoping for the best to see if another flight opens up," said Joe Basilio, who was trying to fly to Jacksonville, Florida.

The storm pummeled the Southeast over the weekend. More than 600 collisions were reported in North Carolina, including an accident that killed two people from Myrtle Beach.

The storm also knocked out power in the region.

"I'm out there with a pot boiling water trying to keep my baby's formula warm," one Georgia father, who had to use his outdoor gas grill for the job, told CBS News.

Multiple tornadoes touched down Sunday in southwest Florida, destroying numerous homes.

"It sounded like a racing train. It was really loud and it took me off my feet," Edward Murray said. 

With the latest winter system still moving offshore, meterologists says there is a chance of another snowstorm in the Northeast over the weekend.

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