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Smart luggage you can't lose at the airport

Smart bag lets travelers track their own lugg... 01:32

Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than an airline losing your luggage.

Now, Samsung is teaming up with luggage maker Samsonite to ensure that won't happen in the future. Their "smart luggage" is equipped with GPS that allows you to track your bag and even determine if anyone has opened it.

While you will be able to see whether a bag had made the flight, for now, at least, the technology can't do much to retrieve it if it goes astray.

"It will know when it goes off the plane and onto the carousel - all that stuff is super helpful and will be useful down the road," CNET's Jeff Bakalar told CBS News.

"You'll know if it is with you. As the plane is taxiing away, if you can check the app and you're like, 'oh man, the luggage is still at JFK, I'm in trouble,'" he said. "It doesn't seem like you can do anything about it. You can just have that feeling of sadness."

Beyond that, companies are working on high-tech luggage that could someday even move itself, "Further down the road, this thing is going to have a motor in it and it will sort of follow you six inches behind," leaving your hands free as you walk through the airport, Bakalar said.

Just as Samsonite wants to make a better bag, a start up called Fitly is hoping to produce a better dinner plate.

CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green... 01:19

They are currently trying to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter to produce a SmartPlate, which uses load sensors and digital cameras to analyze everything you eat - calculating weight, calories, carbohydrates, protein and sodium content in your food.

It sends all the information to its free app on your smartphone, available for Android or iOS.

The plates were inspired by special dietary needs the founder's dad experienced after going through triple bypass surgery. They can be ordered on Kickstarter for $99 and the Philadelphia-based company plans to start shipping next summer.

The plate, which could help dieters manage their weight by controlling portions and nutrients, is just the latest sign that weight loss is going hi-tech.

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