Small Business Owners Cautious with Marketing Money

Last Updated Dec 16, 2008 2:12 PM EST

New studies released today suggest that small business owners tend to avoid paying for marketing.The Yellow Pages Association's "Small Business Marketing Poll" found that almost two-thirds of small business owners prefer to keep marketing in-house. When they do spend money on marketing, here is how success is measured:
  • The largest percentage (44%) of small business owners uses ROI to measure marketing program success.
  • Small businesses also frequently use qualified leads and telephone inquiries -- 29% and 21%, respectively -- to measure success.
  • Interestingly, 26% of small business owners do not use any type of measurement for their marketing programs.
Apparently, small business owners haven't taken to the web either. Reports
  • 59% of small businesses with a web site don't do paid search, according to a survey conducted by Microsoft adCenter. 90% of that number haven't even tried.
Are small business owners simply unaware of the many cheap marketing options out there? Or are small business owners correctly avoiding risky and time-consuming marketing campaigns? Join the discussion below.