"Slumdog" Child Star Up For Sale?

The life of nine-year-old Rubina Alis seemed like a fairy tale -- a child from a Mumbai, India slum who found fame and whose future seemed bright and assured -- just like her character in the Academy Award-winning film she starred in, "Slumdog Millionaire" -- an inspirational rags-to-riches tale.

But, reports CBS News corresondent Sheila MacVicar, in a classic British tabloid sting, undercover reporters working for the News Of The World say Rubina's father offered to sell her -- for $300,000.

There's no audio of the meeting on the newspaper's video report, but the paper claims the meen seen in it are her father and uncle.

The image, says the tabloid, was taken during the meeting in which the pair named their price for little Rubina.

The newspaper reporters (whose faces are blocked out of the image) claimed to be a wealthy Arab couple, moved by her story, who wanted to adopt the girl.

The News Of The World claims the family set the asking price, saying "This is no ordinary child, this is an Oscar child."

The family denies any attempt to sell Rubina, but they have complained they haven't benefited from the huge amounts of money "Slumdog" took in at the box office.