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Slap Chop's Vince Shlomi Spawns Remix Cult on YouTube

Vince Shlomi, the infomercial pitchman, Scientologist, and occasional prostitute enthusiast, has inspired a small army of amateur music producers to remix his Slap Chop promo into a variety of new music videos.

The craze was started by DJ Steve Porter who posted an electro-themed "Slap Chop Rap" in April. It proved so popular he created a downloadable kit of his remix to allow others to continue remixing Shlomi to their hearts' content.

So far, the challenge has seen some passable techno and dance-themed reduxes, along with a comic heavy metal version using real instruments (as opposed to samples). Porter talks about the remixes here. What follows (below) is the best of the Shlomi oevre.

It all raises a question for Shlomi's next commercial: Will he write a script that contains enough rhymes and hooks to keep his fans busy on YouTube?

DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer - "Slap Chop Rap" Slap Chop Rap Chop feat. Vince Shlomi (Kabasco Remix) Rap Chop feat. Vince Shlomi (Hit It Like This Mix) "Jam Wow" featuring Vince Offer (Steve Porter's Sham Wow remix) Slap Chop Metal Remix (With live instruments)