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Six Steps to Hire Better Temps

Temporary hires are getting a boost in the massive waves of layoffs now washing across the global economy. Work still needs to be done even as firms must downsize permanent positions with benefits and retirement plans.

But how's the best way to go about it? A number of experts, including Andrew Reina, practice director for Ajilon Finance Solutions, have a number of pointers:

  1. Know your market. Sure the unemployment rate is up, but there are still shortages in areas such as financial reporting and tax specialists.
  2. Be exact in your salary range. That way, you won't have to meet "candidates you love but cannot afford."
  3. Allow the recuriter "under the tent." Your job placer needs to know how your operation works.
  4. Expand your view of what a temp can do. Both of you will benefit more.
  5. Time is of the essence. Evaluate resumes promptly, make interview appointments fast and, if you like someone, hire quickly.
  6. Define "success." Make sure goals and goalposts are clear.
Your thoughts?
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