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Six-Figure Jobs: Global Supply Chain Manager

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Global Supply Chain Manager

  • Salary for Top Earners: $135,100

  • Projected Job Growth: 10 percent by 2012
  • Additional Training Required: Transitioning into this field could take between six months for courses and up to two years to get a master’s degree. Those with operations, purchasing, or logistics education and/or experience have the best chance of getting into this field.

Global supply chain managers are the unsung heroes of companies who have to get products from A to B, on time, and on budget — and now across continents and time zones as well. The job calls for calm problem-solving ability, high-tech handiness, and diplomatic skill — a triple threat that’s hard to find. According to industry analysts, there is a growing shortage of these specialists as companies streamline and speed up every link in the chain to stay competitive.

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