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Six-Figure Jobs: Financial Analyst, Gaming Industry

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Financial Analyst, Gaming Industry

Photo: Austin Fausto

  • Salary for Top Earners: $100,000
  • Projected Job Growth: 20 percent by 2018
  • Additional Training Required: Seminars, webinars, and online classes offered through the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada Las Vegas will bring you up to speed. The five core courses could be completed within two years, less time if you double up.
  • There are currently 943 casinos in 38 states across the country, and more are being built every day. And with their focus on efficiency and profitability, gaming companies need qualified financial analysts. In particular, new racetrack casinos, or ‘racinos,’ are starting to flourish and hire, says Beth Deighan, CEO of Casino Careers LLC, an executive search firm. Skills from arenas such as government and finance are often transferable, Deighan says.

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