Sites For Sore Eyes

If you're struggling for ideas on how to make a spook-tacular costume for your kids, or for spine-tingling stories to tell when the lights go out, Robin Raskin, editor in chief of Family PC magazine, has the answers. She takes CBS Saturday Morning on an Internet tour of instant Halloween fun.

One of Raskin's favorite sites is If you want to wow trick or treaters before they even cross your threshold, this site has step-by-step directions on "How to Carve a Killer Pumpkin." Based out of Denver, Colorado, the folks who put the site together also offer handy tools and patterns for designing a jack-o-lantern sure to light up visitors' faces.

If you're looking forward to Christmas, offers its own breed of Halloween carols and music. And, if you're playing host to a party this weekend, there are ideas here for "edible eyeballs" or a "graveyard dessert" cake for your guests to gobble. For the little ones, Grandpa Tucker offers his version of Halloween poetry.

A crowd-pleaser for slightly older guests might be found among the scary stories that you can read aloud from the site. Here, a woman talks about the menacing spirit that haunted the library of a house she lived in as a child in Mexico. Two boys happen upon a deserted home on their street and rattle a spirit that turns on them and writes with red lipstick on their bedroom walls. Visitors can try their luck at catching a ghost, or even attend a séance online. If you're feeling especially adventurous, there are directions to The Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts and the BoneGarden Estate.

Before you toss those egg cartons used to make the Graveyard Dessert cake, maybe you can reuse them as part of a clever costume. The site can give you step by step instructions on how to use items around the house to dress up as a witch or a Dr. Frank'n Monster.