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Sister: Bullies said "We're happy Jamey's dead"

Jamey Rodemeyer's parents had barely begun grieving their 14-year-old son's suicide when school bullies allegedly lobbed an almost unthinkable insult at Jamey's sister at a school dance.

Alyssa Rodemeyer, Jamey's Sister, tells CBS News, "The bullies just started yelling back that they were glad he was dead and that they were so happy he killed himself."

Mom to bury son in Lady Gaga T-shirt
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CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston reports a song by Lady Gaga, Jamey's favorite, came on and his sister and his friends began chanting his name. He said the bullies allegedly responded by saying they were glad he was dead.

Williamsville, N.Y., school officials say the incident is being investigated and one student has been suspended.

Tracy Rodemeyer, Jamey's mother, said, "You just don't understand how kids at this young age can be so heartless."

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The extent to which bullying was the cause of Jamey Rodemeyer's death remains unresolved. His parents say he had been taunted since fifth grade.

Last month, Rodemeyer entered high school in Williamsville, telling everyone he was fine and making friends.

But his websites - that his parents didn't know about - told a different story, with suicidal references, concerns about bullying and lots of pictures and quotes from his idol, Lady Gaga and her anthem: "Born This Way." At one point, Jamey made a video for the popular "It Gets Better" movement.

Pinkston told Tracy Rodemeyer, "The truth of the matter is there's probably nothing that either one you could have done that you didn't do."

Tracy Rodemeyer replied, "Yes, that is sometimes what finally gets me to sleep, and I try to say that to myself, but still, I'm sitting here without my boy."

In his memory, they have dedicated themselves to preaching tolerance - so that other parents can avoid their pain.

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