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Siri co-founder leaves Apple after iPhone 4S launch


(CBS) - Apple's personal assistant Siri made a splash from the moment she was introduced. Now that's she's been welcomed by millions of iPhone 4S users, the co-founder of the revolutionary software is leaving Apple for greener pastures.

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Dag Kittlaus co-founded the software company that created Siri in 2007 with Adam Cheyer and Tom Gruber. Just two weeks after the launch of iPhone 4S, Kittlaus is stepping down as Apple's director of iPhone Apps.

The real story isn't as dramatic as it seems.

According to an AllThingsD source, Kittlaus' departure was "amicable" and "has been planned for a while." Kittlaus's family is in Chicago, while Apple is in Cupertino, Calif. Among other reasons for the leave was his "desire to take time off" and "brainstorm new entrepreneurial ideas."

We can't really blame him. Siri was a groundbreaking enough app to be acquired by Apple in 2010 to become the main draw of the iPhone 4S. If we've learned anything from Steve Jobs, it doesn't stop with one hit.

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We wish Kittlaus the best of luck.

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