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Should You Digg It?

Digg Clouds image by Night Star Romanus [cc, 2.0]Two weeks ago we talked about Wikipedia's power as a promotion tool, if used judiciously. Today, you're going to learn about Digg, the social media site dominated by 18-24 year-olds. Each headline that appears on Digg's homepage brings in an average of 129 inbound links -- which, by proxy, gives the page incredible search engine ranking. Online marketers are gravitating towards tactics like Digg -- with the right headline, a site could bring in 100,000 unique visitors solely from Digg.

So which headlines resonate with the site's largely young, Libertarian-leaning user base. According to Chris Winfield of search engine marketing firm 10e20, topics that include Ron Paul, the television show Heroes and the iPhone are popular with the crowd. Topics to avoid include President Bush, the RIAA, and Fox News.

Digg Clouds image by Night Star Romanus [cc, 2.0]