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Shock Jock Banned From Britain

His views are disgusting, his conspiracy theories are ridiculous, his talent is non-existent and frankly why anyone would listen to him is totally beyond me. But Michael Savage, one of your so-called shock-jocks, is no threat to me or the rest of the free thinking intelligent Britons who inhabit my country.

So why has the British Government Minister charged with our homeland security banned him from ever travelling to our shores? This woman, Jacqui Smith, has just produced a list of vile, dangerous and hate filled people who are not welcome here. Your Michael Savage is on that list.

I can't help thinking that there is a hidden story here. That Jacqui Smith is being duplicitous with this list of the damned. If Michael and the homophobic American Fred Walron Phelps Senior and his daughter Shirley were not on that list would Britain be exposed as mainly having an Islamic fundamentalist banning order? The fact that Michael Savage spouts ill-informed, ignorant and basically stupid bile on the American airwaves is only an issue if you listen to it.

Britain is well used to stupidity - we have a plethora of hate filled ignoramuses already here and most of us simply choose to ignore them. Those who choose to give these idiots some credibility will do so anyway using the internet to fuel their extremist views. Savage is nothing to us - he is the ignorant dirt on our free walking shoes. We are clever enough to see his conspiracies for what they are and his pathetic views expose an uncontrolled fear that we would just laugh at.

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At best Jacqui Smith has displayed a total disrespect and disregard for our ability to accept free speech for the good and the evil it brings. At worst she is just stupid enough to think we can be fooled by a list with a few token white, non Islamic idiots on it.

There are probably hundreds of people we should be banning from this country. Not least a few of our own radical citizens but to ban a man as ridiculous and pointless as America's Michael Savage is, well, both ridiculous and pointless.
By Petrie Hosken

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