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Shira's Inbox: Halloween Fun to Fashion Do's

1) I couldn't help but put a link to this pup dressed as Batman for Halloween. So cute and yet kinda creepy…

2) New Orleans is always great at celebrating and Halloween is no exception. The 2009 Voodoo Experience is a two-day live music festival where partygoers are also encouraged to wear their best Zombie costume. The city will attempt to break UK's Guinness Book of World Records, which had 4,026 zombies gathered in one space. Sounds awesomely spooky!

3) So you're hungry, but don't really know what to make with the random leftover ingredients in your fridge. calls itself a "recipe search engine" and will ease your home cooking anxieties. Just fill in the ingredients you have in your kitchen, and the site will tell you what meal options you can put together. Bon Appetit!

4) Check out this new Lullabelly MP3 Player that will get your tot musically inclined in the womb. The coolest part is that you can attach your Ipod and Iphone to the device and listen to your music of choice along with the baby. At $55, it's a great gift for those moms-to-be.

5) Ok this is a pop culture rewind but does anyone remember that scene in Clueless where Alicia Silverstone's character puts together her outfits using a program on her computer? Well, now allows you to design an online outfit from your own closet, and build/tease yourself with a virtual wardrobe from your favorite retailers too. Great way to get fashion advice from your friends or followers before going out in public with that questionable outfit.