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Sharpen Your Work Potential by Knowing the Top 100 Internet Skills

Looking for a job in the post-apocalyptic, Max Max-like corporate landscape that is 2009? It might help to know what kinds of jobs are in demand. The online job auction site Elance has an interesting tool for seeing how your skills line up with what businesses are looking for.

According to Elance, their Online Work Index for the month of June -- which tracks the top 100 skills most in demand, the three areas employers are looking for are "people who can code, people who can design, and people who can write."

Indeed, the top 5 this month include PHP programming, article writing, MySQL, HTML, and CSS, followed by graphic skills that include Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator, a little ways down the list.

Many entries in the index links to a page on Elance with statistics such as how many related job postings occurred in the last 30 days and how pay in that specialty is trending over the last six months.

If you're job hunting, you might also want to check out LinkUp, which pulls job postings directly from corporate Web sites, as well as some other resources for finding work online.